Michael D. Easton General Manager

Michael D. Easton
General Manager

Michael is a Licensed Customs Broker & General Manager of Star USA, Inc. He was introduced to trade compliance as a youth and joined Star USA in 2004. He works in the areas of Import & Export Compliance, Supply Chain Security, Export Controls, and International Trade & Supply Chain Management, including SRM & CRM.

Michael places strong emphasis on verifiable progress, sustainable compliance, and operational excellence in the areas of international business and compliance. He has been guest speaker at various organizations in Northeast Ohio, most recently at Case Western Reserve School of Law.

While with Star USA, he has helped pioneer new technologies in the trade arena, including StarTrack, the iRate Rate Management System, and the Star USA Free Trade Agreement RDBMS. In the coming years, Michael will continue to promote compliance awareness through community outreach and ongoing affiliations with higher learning institutions.

Nic Arters Manager, Security & Export Controls

Nic Arters
Manager, Security & Export Controls

Nic is a strategic forward thinker with extensive experience in client development and operations management. He has led the successful growth of the ever-expanding business division at Star USA, Secure Global Trade, which exercises a strong focus on Export Compliance, Export Controls and Supply Chain Security initiatives.

Nic travels internationally providing training and helping raise Export Control and Supply Chain Awareness. He has been a featured guest lecturer at Case Western Reserve School of Law and cooperatively works on security initiatives with various departments of the U.S. Government including: The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, The Department of Commerce, The United States Air Force, The Office of Foreign Assets Control, and The Bureau of Industry and Security.

Helping develop and leverage new technologies, he focuses on compliance and solution implementation. Nic has experience in implementing cost control methods while ensuring operations remain within company targets and he is currently leading several company wide initiatives including: SOP and KPI development, asset utilization and strategic planning.

Tari Fagert Manager, Compliance

Tari Fagert
Manager, Compliance

Tari is a licensed Customs Broker and the compliance manager for Star USA. In this role, Tari leads the Global Compliance team, which is responsible for proactively identifying, evaluating, mitigating and reporting on compliance and reputation risks across all of Star’s client base. Tari brings impressive critical thinking skills and years of Industry experience and knowledge to the firm.

Helping lead and organize the compliance team, Tari has been integral in developing Star USA's global compliance policies and programs. Tari currently manages the HTS classification process and validates declarations against the requirements for GSP, NAFTA, & other duty preferential treatment programs.

Tari has extensive experience developing and enhancing legal, compliance and business function relationships and promoting compliance with internal rules and state regulations. Tari is currently leading the way on company initiatives surrounding risk analysis, process life-cycle and risk management goals in a volatile regulatory environment.

Carson S. Christian Manager, Finance

Carson S. Christian
Manager, Finance

Carson is the financial operations manager at Star USA, with a focus on reinvestment to drive in-house innovation and customer growth initiatives. Oversight and direct responsibilities cover day-to-day financial operations, projections for market positioning, and internal product development initiatives.

Carson’s prior experience includes direct responsibility for financial management for three Ohio companies, specializing in revenue recovery and investment to drive growth. Cumulatively, he has directly driven recovery of over $1.4M in lost revenue in his career. With Star USA, Carson has taken an aggressive stance on growth and process reinvestment, enabling the company to directly pursue an expanded customer base and product diversity by leveraging existing resources.

Carson finds enjoyment in problem solving, providing timely and relevant analyses, and working as a component of focused teams to grow the company. His many contributions have enabled Star to further advance their global footprint and provide unparalleled service to their clients.

Star USA, Inc. Team Fall 2015

Star USA, Inc. Team
Fall 2015