Private announcement

Dear Valued Partner,

As an important partner of ours, I wanted to share some exciting news about Star USA and our plans for growth into the next decade and beyond. As you may be aware, 7 years ago the company underwent a structural realignment at its highest levels of leadership to meet the demands of a constantly evolving international marketplace and the shifting dynamics of the geopolitical landscape.

The leadership realignment solidified Star USA’s foundation and intentions for the ensuing decade and set us on a path towards growing our business by helping you grow yours. The steps we have taken in these last several years have resulted in stronger relationships with our clients, more robust service offerings, and a better value proposition for everyone on our staff and for everyone that we work with.

In 2018, we tasked ourselves with opening a satellite office in Middleburg Heights, Ohio to fulfill our promise of providing a forum for trade compliance education and empowerment. The launch of our Client and Training Center earlier this year has been an unequivocal success and the space has served as a conduit for reaching you - our clients and partners – as well as the trade community at large. A very special thank-you to everyone who has attended one of our events this year and to everyone else: please be patient; you will undoubtedly have an opportunity to stop by soon!

Through continuing to provide a higher quality and well-intentioned service, we’ve been met with an increased demand for that quality and service. We have grown over the years to meet that demand –and in fact, we have outgrown our primary headquarters in Ashland, Ohio.

It is therefore my pleasure to announce that Star USA has entered into an agreement to transition our headquarters to a new location in Wooster, Ohio. Occupancy is expected around the turn of the year, and further details of the relocation will be provided in future communications. It should be noted that there will be no interruption to service as we begin our transition efforts, and no changes are planned for the Client & Training Center during our move.

This new space has been carefully chosen to promote greater collaboration and leverage advanced technologies, all while lowering operational hurdles and barriers. It is our belief that these features help bring new services to market quicker and more completely, all the while enhancing our existing service offerings, improving our staff’s work environment and career development, and supporting the overall trade community better than ever before. Studies show that a healthy and intentional environment can have an immense impact on job satisfaction and employee retention, two significant factors driving our quality and sustainability.

We hope this announcement sends the clear message that our plan is still focused, as ever, on delivering expert service to you, our clients and partners. Our goal is to maintain a foundation and environment for our future that enables us to continue that growth.

The team that you have gotten to know, trust and rely on will not be changing. You will continue to experience innovation with service and process to provide you with the best possible support and value delivered to you by the dedicated individuals at Star USA. The long-term, stable relationships we have enjoyed with our many customers is the bedrock of our success; you and your company are highly valued partners. Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,

Michael D. Easton
President and General Manager
Star USA, Inc.

13 August 2019