Free Trade Agreement Analysis

Free Trade Agreements are here to say and complying with them can be difficult and confusing. To lessen the burden on Importers & Exporters, multiple mechanisims exist to comply with Free Trade Agreements. Often, companies are caring about the wrong thing. This analysis will further your understanding of the FTA process and requirements.

Goal of the Analysis:

Provide you with a high-level overview of current practices and potential risks identified along with other areas that may need review.

Scope & Methodology:

Star USA will evaluate the company’s FTA compliance processes against a set of recommended best practices. We will assess your efforts in three areas:

Compliance Policies & Procedures

Compliance policies, training programs, reasonable care, auditing, product classifications and due diligence.

Compliance Structure & Reporting

Administrative efficiency and effectiveness, risk management and allocation, and reporting and notifications (i.e., are the right people making the right decisions with the right information?).


Company activities, which include but are not limited to; sales, purchasing, supply chain management, record keeping, shipping, engineering and manufacturing.


The FTA Evaluation will culminate in a privileged and confidential summary bench-marking your company against established best practices, providing at-a-glance feedback on strengths and weaknesses and suggesting remediation for program improvements.

For best results, please fill out the analysis questions using a laptop or desktop computer.