Spring 2020 Customs Broker Exam Prep Course


Spring 2020 Customs Broker Exam Prep Course


Get the knowledge you need to pass the U.S. Customs Broker Exam.

Classes start February 20th preparing for the April 22nd, 2020 Customs Broker Exam.

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Broker Course Highlights

  • Course administered by licensed Customs Brokers

  • Organized course schedule with a successful and time-tested format

  • Comprehensive practice test, structured like the official CBP exam

  • Access to previous Customs Broker Exams

  • Thorough Study Guide

  • EXAM DAY – Quick Reference Guide

  • On-demand webinars

  • Materials that help you quickly learn & understand tariff and customs regulations

  • 1500+ pages of course material

  • 4000+ previous exam questions

  • Support and messaging with instructors and other students at your convenience.

The Customs Broker Exam

This online exam is administered by U.S. Customs & Border Protection at testing sites close to you. You may take a printed copy of 19 CFR, printed version of the HTSUS, the required directives & your notes into the exam room with you for reference when answering exam questions. Our course provides exam-day materials that make a difference.

Areas covered include

  • Right to make entry

  • Power of Attorney

  • Types of entries

  • Entry/Entries Summary Procedures and requirements

  • Customs Bonds

  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Requirements

  • Record Keeping Requirements

  • Tariff treatment of containers & holders

  • Commercial invoice requirements

  • Drawback & Liquidations of Drawback Entries

  • Structure of the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the U.S. (HTSUS)

  • HTSUS Section and Chapter (Legal) Notes and Additional U.S. (Legal) Notes

  • Items Exported and returned

  • Country of Origin Marking Requirements

  • NAFTA Country of Origin Marking

  • Antidumping Duties, Countervailing Duties

  • Customs regulations with Canada and Mexico

  • Trademarks, Trade Names, Copyrights

  • Quotas

  • Appraisement of merchandise

  • Inspection, search and seizure

  • Fines, penalties & forfeitures

  • Rules of Origin


  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)

  • Warehouse and Re-warehouse Entries

  • Examination and Testing of Merchandise

  • Liquidation of Duties

  • General Enforcement Provisions

  • Claims for Liquidated Damages

  • Administrative Review

  • Protests

  • Classification

  • General Rules of Interpretation

  • American Goods Returned

  • Proceeding in the Court of International Trade

  • Administrative Rulings

  • Transportation in Bond and Transit

  • Customs Financial and Accounting Procedures

  • General Provisions

  • Customs Brokers

  • Customs Bonds

  • Carnets

  • General Order and Abandoned Merchandise

  • Trademark, Trade Names and Copyright

  • Special Entry Procedure

  • Temporary Import Bond

  • Articles Conditionally Free

  • Special Class Merchandise

  • General Rule of Interpretation

  • Generalized System of Preference


  • 7501 Entry Procedure

  • Automotive Products Act

  • Civil Aircraft Act

  • Caribbean Basin (CBERA)

  • Israel Free Trade

  • Freely Associated States

  • Andean Trade (ATPA)


  • African Growth Act (AGOA)

  • Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership (CBTPA)

  • Jordan Free Trade Act

  • Singapore Free Trade Agreement

  • Chile Free Trade Agreement

  • Morocco Free Trade Agreement

  • Australia Free Trade Agreement

  • Dominican Republic (DR-CAFTA)

  • Bahrain Free Trade Agreement

  • Oman Free Trade Agreement

  • Peru Free Trade Agreement

  • Korea Free Trade Agreement

  • Colombia Free Trade Agreement

  • Panama Free Trade